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Landscape Design Process

The following describes the process for working with Silverfern Landscapes in the design phase of a project. The design phase is the important first step in achieving your landscape objectives and we take great pride in providing an exemplary service.


1. Consultation

The landscape architect and landscape contractor visit the site, meet with the client and discuss the main objectives for landscape improvement. The landscape architect takes notes and shares initial ideas on how these objectives can be achieved.

2. Brief Development and Costings

The landscape architect prepares a brief for the client. The brief lists what the design objectives are, what Plans are required to achieve these objectives, and the process involved. The brief also outlines the costs involved to produce the Plans. The Plans required may simply be a Landscape Concept Plan or may include a Planting Plan, Construction Details, or other Plans as relevant.

3. Concept Confirmation

If the client agrees to the terms and conditions in the brief, a 50% deposit is paid.

4. Site Visit

After contacting the client and agreeing to an appropriate time, the landscape architect then conducts a site visit to take measurements, levels and photos etc, as required. Once this is done the landscape architect begins work on the Landscape Concept Plan, Planting Plan, or other Plans as required.

5. Design development meeting

Prior to any Plans being finalised a site meeting with the landscape architect and client will be arranged to go over the Plans, check if all is okay and make any last changes if required.

6. Design sign-off

Once the Plans have been finalised a copy will be presented to the client and also to the landscape contractor.

7. Balance of payment

On completion and delivery of the finished Plans an invoice will be sent out to the client for the balance of payment.

8. Implementation of landscape work

The landscape contractor will then make contact with the client and arrange a time to meet and go over how they would like the work to be undertaken, i.e. broken down into areas or one fixed quote.